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Atlantic Underwater Diving Services is a full-service dive company backed by a competent team of skilled dive technicians. Based in West Palm Beach, FL, our company has the essential manpower, technology, and expertise to provide complete and outstanding underwater maintenance services. We specialize in working with hydraulic, prop smith, and propeller systems. Partner with us and rest assured that your investments are in capable hands! With us, you can be confident that your yachts and boats are in their best shape.

Why Schedule Underwater Maintenance?

Saltwater, constant weather changes, extreme underwater pressure, and the daily wear and tear may take a toll on your yachts and boats. No matter the size or severity, unnoticed damage and unattended repairs may compromise your vessel’s performance and put your life at risk while at sea. Having your yachts and boat regularly checked and serviced is a smart and practical decision. When you need professional yacht and boat maintenance services, come to us at Atlantic Underwater Diving Services. As the oldest dive company and only experienced big prop specialist in the Palm Beach County, count on us to provide you unmatched underwater maintenance services every time you come to us. We are known for our honesty and competence in the industry. From cleaning to underwater welding and repair, we have your maintenance needs covered.

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Life at sea is unpredictable. Before heading out for a cruise or a fishing trip, always make sure that your yacht is in good shape. Let South Florida’s leading underwater maintenance and diving company give you a hand in keeping your yachts and boats in prime condition. Schedule a maintenance service today! Please note that our pricing is determined by your desired services. Our monthly service fee is $2 per foot for vessels under 70”. A quote for any other vessel pod drive can be quoted upon request. We look forward to serving you.

Atlantic Underwater Diving Services

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Atlantic Underwater Diving Services

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